Up to 3 spells appear on the right side of the screen and can be cast while dashing. They cost mana to use. Most have a duration they last for, and all have a cooldown before they can be used again. Weapons, Armor, and Accessories as well as perks and skills, can affect the mana cost and cooldown.

Buying new spells can be done in the main menu shop. Most cost gold while two others cost epic coins.

The first seven spells, up to Enchant, are unlocked at level 5 when the spell shop opens. The next two require level 10, then two at 15, then two at 25. From there, a new spell unlocks at 35, 40 and 45.

The two epic spells are unlocked on the world map.

At the beginning, spells can be levelled to 5 at max. The Ancient Grimoire key item allows you to upgrade spells to level 6.

Name Mana Cost Duration Cooldown @ L6 Effect First Level Cost Levelling
Barrier 5 Increase defense 100 + duration +defense
Magic Missile 5 Instant 5 auto targetting missiles + missiles

+ damage

Recover 5 Instant removes ailments, + hp, + resist 500 + hp heal

+ resist duration

Fireball 10 Instant magic damage , burn 1000 + damage

+ burn dur

Haste 15 + atk, + speed 1000 + atk


+ dur

Ice Nova 15 Instant 15s slow, damage 2500 + damage

+ slow dur

Enchant 15 weapon becomes magic, + dmg 2500 + damage

+ dur

Berserk 20 + size, + dmg, - hp 5000
dur - hp
Blade Ring 20 barrier of daggers 5000 + damage,

+ barrier,

+ size

Holy 30 laser beam
damage +size
Lightning 30 Lightning storms
damage +dur +lit
Acid Rain 50 acid rain storms 15000
damage +dur +cloud
Lightning Orb 50 Instant ricochet orbs
damage +orbs + special
Ninjutsu 25 greatly increase crit ,dodge
crit +dodge
Chakra 0 Instant + mp, + hp, - cooldown
hp,mp - cooldown
Tornado 50 protection, damage, fling
damage +fling
Ghost Knight 100 Summons Ghost Knight
lv GK
Hydra 75 Summons Hydra
damage + burn
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