There are many Primary Stats, or attributes. They directly affect the amount of damage your character can deal and receive. The ones listed on the main page are:

  • DPS: Damage per second done by swinging your weapon. This stat is actually a calculation given from ATK and DAM.
  • DEF: Defense reduces incoming damage.
  • SPD: Speed is how fast Dash moves.
  • INT: Intellect affects the damage of your spells.
  • LCK: Luck affects random things.
  • ATK: Attack speed of your weapon.
  • RNG: The range of your weapon.
  • CRIT%: The critical chance of your weapon.
  • DODGE: your chance to evade attacks.
  • RESIST: your chance to resist ailments.

Three more exist as well, as primary stats on weapons and armor:

  • DAM: The damage of your weapon.
  • HP: together with your base health, gives your total health.
  • MP: together with your base mana, gives your total mana for casting spells.

Anything else is a Secondary Stat.

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