The Kingdom is the area where Dash and his Grandpa live. It is currently being plagued by the Lich. Visible in Story Mode There is a castle in a clearing and a mini-game, and Grandpa's house is inside this same clearing, at the edge.

A path leads outside a fence, the Goblin Hills (the first zone) begins. The Goblin King lives here, as well as the Goblin Horde, and the first shop.

The Dark Forest is the next zone, home of the Giant Bat and the Bat Batallion. The Merchant has a caravan here, and there is also a graveyard.

Across a bridge and canyon, is the Gloom Cavern. The Ooze Queen is here with her Ooze Army. There is a hidden Merchant and the Daily Dungeon, Catacombs.

Next the path leads into the Deadly Marsh. The Swamp Monster is here and his Swamp Stomp. A signpost is stuck in the marsh, and a Merchant is here.

Across another canyon and bridge, is the Castle. The Demon Knight is guarding this area, which is mostly ruins and pillars of marble and stone. A merchant is here.

There is a small cave before the Dark Castle begins. The Lich is waiting at the end. Along the way are more ruins, and the merchant has another caravan.

Beyond the Lich is a ruined castle wall, and a compass that points up/North. The path that has led from the beginning to this point continues on, but the map is "ripped".

At the start of each zone, Grandpa has a tent and fire set up where he has left notes.

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