Holy is one of many spells. It requires level 15 to unlock, and costs 30 mana to cast. At higher levels, it increases damage, duration, and size. It looks like a yellow laser starting from the player and going forward down the lane. The size bulges in and out; the size/width column below is the smaller of the two sizes of each level.

Level Base Damage Damage from Intellect Duration Cooldown Size/width
1 11.5 .25 5.5 seconds 30 seconds smaller than lane
2 30 .6 5.5 seconds 30 seconds lane
3 60 1.2 5.5 seconds 30 seconds lane
4 90 1.8 5.5 seconds 30 seconds larger than lane
5 120 2.4 5.5 seconds 30 seconds larger than lane
6 150 3 5.5 seconds 30 seconds much larger than lane

Each upgrade level costs 15000g, the same as the base. Level 6 costs 75,000g or double the cost of the previous level.

Despite the levelling up saying that the duration would change, it stays at 5.5 seconds for every level.

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